SWA comment on UK Government’s Industrial Strategy white paper

27 Nov 2017

Commenting on the UK government's white paper on Industrial Strategy, CEO of the Scotch Whisky Association Karen Betts said:
"The Industrial Strategy is right to highlight the UK's thriving food and drink sector. With Scotch Whisky making up 20% of the UK's food and drink exports, we welcome the UK government's commitment to work with the sector by establishing the Food and Drink Sector Council.
"The Scotch Whisky industry looks forward to playing a full part in the proposed food and drink manufacturing sector deal, utilising decades of experience and expertise to boost exports and drive productivity. Then, by going beyond this, we are eager to work with government to develop a specific UK spirits sector deal which will build on the success of Scotch Whisky and other UK spirits by supporting growth in an increasingly competitive global market place.
"The challenges of Brexit require a new dialogue between industry and government. The Industrial Strategy presents an opportunity for long-term structural issues in the economy that hold business back to be addressed. We look forward to working with the UK and Scottish governments together to ensure the benefits of the industrial strategy reach right across Britain, especially in the rural economy which the Scotch Whisky industry helps to support."