Environmental Strategy Refresh

21 Sep 2016

Commitments and Targets
The Scotch Whisky industry sees no contradiction between being modern, profitable, and successful producers of a world-beating product and being at the heart of protecting Scotland's unique environment. That vision is embedded in the four themes of our refreshed strategy.

  • Reducing our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions:
    Our journey so far has seen us investing in renewable energy, energy
    efficiency and lower-carbon fuels at our production and manufacturing sites.
  • Responsible Water Use:
    Water is an essential raw material for whisky, so effective water management is a high priority. Future issues include climate change, sustainable resource use and anticipated new regulations. We are committed to engaging with Scottish Government and our regulators on all key water policies.
  • Embracing a 'circular economy' in our supply chain:
    A circular economy ensures that resources are in use for as long as possible, that maximum value is extracted from them while in use, and that products and materials are recovered and regenerated at the end of their life. This ethos has always been a part of our industry: for example, spent grain from our distilleries is reused for animal feed and renewable energy production. We've also made strong progress in reducing waste to landfill and will continue to measure and reduce the amount of waste generated in our industry's operations. We will also encourage the responsible sourcing of packaging material.
  • Sustainable land use:
    Our industry's growth depends on a secure supply of high-quality raw materials - notably cereals and wood - so ensuring these are grown, harvested and procured in a responsible manner is a priority.

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