Environmental Strategy Report 2010

01 Dec 2010

Scotch Whisky plays a vital role in the Scottish and UK economies. Distillers employ over 10,000 staff, export whisky to a value of £3.1 billion and directly contribute Gross Value Added of £2.7 billion towards Scotland's economy. Scotch Whisky producers increasingly source goods and services from local Scottish suppliers with 81% of supply costs being sourced from within Scotland.

Distillers also rely on a high quality environment. Scotland is justifiably renowned
worldwide for its pristine environment and distillers benefit from this reputation.

In 2009, we launched our Scotch Whisky Industry Environmental Strategy. We set
ourselves tough targets and made a number of detailed commitments to stakeholders. Our aim was to place a strong environmental performance at the heart of industry decision making and to drive further change in the way we act, invest and secure supplies.

Since the launch, we have focused on collecting detailed performance data and
putting in place an environmental accounting system to manage the information. Ours is, to our knowledge, the most detailed dataset for any single industry. We now have the most comprehensive industry-wide picture of performance that will help us to plan for the future and target our resources.

This is our first report on our progress towards our goals.

Delivering Our Targets

This report shows how the industry is progressing towards its goals and highlights
where more needs to be done. It is based on a detailed data collection by the SWA from its Members. All data in this report refers to the 2008 calendar year unless otherwise indicated.