Environmental Strategy Report 2013

16 Dec 2013

This is our third report charting the Scotch Whisky industry's progress towards its Environmental Strategy goals - ambitious targets launched by the industry in 2009. To our knowledge the Strategy remains the only one in Scotland which embraces a whole sector.

This report describes the steps the industry and the Association are taking to achieve our goals. We are pleased to report that the industry has made significant progress in a number of areas. We are particularly proud of the leadership distillers have shown in embracing non-fossil fuel energy and making significant investment in renewable technologies in Scotland. This year we saw the commissioning of the first wood-fired biomass boiler. This comes on the back of multimillion pound investments already committed in by-product biomass technologies including anaerobic digestion.

We are pleased to report good news too with regards to packaging and waste. We are close to achieving zero waste to landfill with only 5% of waste being landfilled in 2012 and many sites already have met the target of zero. There remain significant challenges, however, ensuring packaging weight is reduced. While the majority of the overall weight of the
industry's main product is Scotch Whisky which will be enjoyed by our consumers, distillers are working hard to ensure packaging is minimised. Our case studies later in this report demonstrate some excellent company initiatives. But global consumer demand for premium packaging remains difficult to square with reductions in packaging weight. This is an area
where strong supply collaboration will be required to drive innovation in design as well as technology.

This report sets out what distillers are doing to achieve our goals. But others have a valuable role to play in assisting the sector. The performance of some others will have a direct impact in the performance of the Scotch Whisky industry towards its environmental goals. This is a time of real partnership both within the industry and externally. Some
significant supply chain initiatives are underway that involve individual companies as well as the whole sector working with the Association. We have detailed some of these on-going collaborations in this report. We are grateful to those organisations and individuals who have helped drive these alliances through which further improvements can be made.

We are rightly proud of the achievements of the Scotch Whisky industry to date and will continue to work with members and nonmembers alike to improve our performance even further.

Julie Hesketh-Laird
Director of Operational and Technical Affairs
Scotch Whisky Association