Scotch Whisky and Brexit

23 Oct 2017

Issue 3

Scotch Whisky is a craft product manufactured at scale in Scotland.

Our global drink, Scotch Whisky is a major manufacturing sector supporting 40,000 jobs, adding £5bn in value across the economy, and the single biggest net contributor to UK trade in goods. 

Our Brexit checklist:

  • Transition period
  • Clarity on customs and excise rules
  • An open trade policy
  • Robust legal protection
  • Regulatory certainty
  • Domestic reforms
  • Business engagement

The following are immediate priorities our industry:

  • Early agreement on transitional arrangements
  • Frictionless customs and excise procedures

Looking ahead, we want government to prioritise the following issues to support Scotch Whisky jobs, investment, and growth after Brexit:

  • A comprehensive trade deal with the EU that can adjust over time 
  • An open trade policy, first securing existing EU trade deal benefits and then developing an ambitious agenda of new and refreshed Free Trade Agreements 
  • Robust legal protection of Scotch Whisky in the UK, EU, and global markets
  • Business certainty through the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and other means
  • Creating a domestic platform to support post-Brexit growth
  • Engagement with industry

The SWA's updated Brexit briefing for the Scotch Whisky industry is available in full below.