Whisky Recipes

Although it is much more common to use wine or brandy in cooking, Scotch Whisky can offer some very complex character to many of your favourite recipes.

The background notes and 'nose' of the individual whisky that you choose, gained through the maturation process, will give you a new exciting recipe to try again and again.

  • Beef in Whisky Sauce

    The robust flavours work well together in this hearty main course.Read More

  • Chicken in Apple and Whisky Sauce

    A fruity, creamy accompaniment to succulent chicken.Read More

  • Whisky and Lemon Crepes Suzette

    A Celtic take on a classic recipe.Read More

  • Chocolate, Whisky and Orange Mousse

    A decadent dessert you simply can't say no to.Read More

  • Scotch Glazed Wild Mushrooms with Garlic Cheese Croustades

    The colourful starter to brighten up a cold winter's evening.Read More

  • Marinated Salmon in Scotch Whisky

    Scotland's greatest exports married together in perfect harmony.Read More