Alcohol & Society

The SWA works to be a trusted voice in the debate on alcohol and society.

Alcohol has an acknowledged place in our society. As in most countries and cultures, it plays and important economic role.

Alcohol is alcohol. There is no difference between spirits, wine and beer. They are all alcohol. They are all capable of being enjoyed responsibly and of being misused. There is no such thing as a problem drink. There are problem drinkers.

The SWA does not have an issue if reducing the number of hazardous and harmful drinkers cuts per capita consumption. But cutting consumption of moderate drinkers without reducing harm fails to address the problem of misuse.

Patterns in alcohol consumption and harm across Scotland continue to be of interest to anyone seeking to understand this and target activity to reduce alcohol misuse where it occurs. 

The Scotch Whisky Association, along with other drinks industry bodies, has produced a document to provide members and stakeholders with a single point of reference on data covering alcohol consumption, underage issues, health harms and crime in Scotland.