28 Mar 2014

Commitment to Partnership

The SWA believes that working in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders is fundamental to tackling alcohol-related harm. The SWA is an active member of the following partnerships:

The Association contributed to the development of the spiritsEUROPE Road Map 2015:, the umbrella brand representing spirit's producers' commitment to develop and strengthen their role in reducing alcohol-related harm in the EU. The road map sets out a comprehensive strategy requiring EU and national implementation plans.

Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership (SGAIP)

The SWA has played a leading role in the Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership (SGAIP), which was launched in February 2007.

The Partnership involves all sectors of the drinks industry - producers plus on and off trade representatives. Its aim is to deliver joint initiatives to tackle alcohol related harm and promote responsible drinking. 

The partnership has delivered a number of initiatives since its inception: Alcohol Awareness Week, Model workplace alcohol policy, Alcohol Sponsorship Guidelines and the Fife Alcohol Partnership Programme.

In 2012 the Partnership Agreement was updated a included an agreed set of outcomes, a number of work streams have been developed to support delivery of these;

Outcomes & Work Streams

  • Increased consumer knowledge and skills to deliver attitudinal change that enables people to adopt safer drinking patterns and reduces acceptability of hazardous drinking
    Support delivery of Scottish Government and Drinkaware campaigns on responsible drinking.
  • Adoption of best practice by licensed premises to promote safer drinking.
    Supporting Best Bar None a 'model implementation' through a pilot scheme.
    Campaign to support greater uptake of the 125ml wine measure in the on-trade
  • Reduced impact of alcohol-related harm in communities.
    Supporting the roll out of Community Alcohol Partnerships
  • Improved operation of Scotland's licensing regime to the wider benefit of all stakeholders and the public
    Established the National Licensing Advisory Group

Full details can be found on the SGAIP webpage.

Social Norms Project 

Introduced as part of the Fife Alcohol Partnership Project, the Association is continuing to support the social norms project in the Touch community, in Fife. This applies a social norms approach to reducing hazardous and harmful drinking in a community setting. It promotes reinforcement of positive behaviour of the majority by dispelling myths of what is thought to be normal behaviour.

A copy of the final report from the project is available below:
Social Norms Intervention to Reduce Hazardous and Harmful Consumption in a Community Setting - Final Report, December 2014