Industry goals

30 May 2012

There are a number of goals set for the Scotch Whisky industry's environmental strategy:

  • To mitigate GHG emissions and increase energy efficiency
  • By 2020, 20% of primary energy requirements will be derived from non-fossil fuel sources, rising to 80% by 2050
  • We will manage our water requirements effectively
  • To engage in the development ofScotland's River Basin Management Plans to ensure that a sustainable and good quality water supply is maintained
  • 10% reduction in the weight of product packaging materials by 2020
  • 40% product packaging will be made from recycled materials by 2020
  • All product packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2020
  • No waste from packaging operations will be landfilled by 2020
  • We will seek to ensure that in future all casks brought into the industry are made from oak sourced from sustainable forests
  • The industry will work with supply chain stakeholders
  • The industry will report annually to our stakeholders on our progress to demonstrate how we are meeting our commitments and delivering against our targets

Goals are strongly aligned to the results of the SWA's Life Cycle Assessment which demonstrated that 39% of the industry's impact was directly associated with its manufacturing processes, 11% with the distribution of Scotch and 50% associated with supply chain impacts. The Life Cycle Assessment identified opportunities for the industry to directly improve its performance and opportunities where the industry might work with the supply chain to encourage best practice.