27 Apr 2018

At a Glance in 2016

Case studies featured in our 2016 Environmental Strategy Report illustrate the action taken by industry in more detail.

Target (summarised)

Progress by 2016


Mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere through innovation and adoption of relevant technologies.

Greehouse gas emissions have fallen by 22% since 2008.


Increase our energy efficiency in the production process


Distilleries and warehouses improved energy efficiency by 3% since 2008. 


By 2020, 20% of the industry's primary energy requirements to be from non-fossil fuels

21% of energy from non-fossil

fuels. Up from 3% in 2008.



Manage our water requirements effectively. Engage actively with SEPA and other relevant authorities in the development of Scotland's River Basin Management Plans to ensure a

sustainable and good quality water supply.

Net water use down by 29%

since the 2012 base year.


By 2020 reduce by 10% the average unit weight of our product packaging materials.

This is one of the most challenging targets. Packaging weight has increased by 2.4% since 2012. The main driver is consumer demand for premium products.



By 2020, 40% of product packaging to be from recycled materials.

Recycled content of our product packaging is up from 29% in 2012 to 44% in 2016.


By 2020, all product packaging will be reusable or recyclable.

97% in 2016.


By 2020, no waste from packaging operations to landfill.

More work to do to achieve this target. 4% went to landfill in 2016, down from 13% in 2008.


Seek to ensure that all casks brought into the industry are made from oak sourced from sustainable forests.

Positive support from our




Work with supply chain stakeholders to encourage the adoption of high environmental standards and relevant sustainable practices

Working closely with

stakeholders is core to the

delivery of our strategy.



Report annually to our stakeholders on our progress to demonstrate how we are meeting our commitments and delivering against our targets.

We have reported regularly

since 2008.



 Progress by 2014