30 May 2012

The industry supports regulation which protects the high-quality environment - the source of essential raw materials. 

Distillers have a strong record of compliance with environmental legislation and the SWA works with its members to encourage them to share best-practice which will lead to an even stronger performance. 

Along with other manufacturing sectors, distillers must comply with:

  • Exacting environmental and pollution control legislation, such as the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (now recast as the Industrial Emissions Directive)
  • Waste management Licensing, Water Framework Directive and Producer Responsibility (packaging) Obligations.

The majority of environmental legislation that applies to the industry has its origins in Europe. The SWA's Operational and Technical Affairs team helps shape emerging policy developments to ensure they are workable and cost-effective. It will advise on the business and operational implications of new policies and legislation. 

In Scotland, the SWA work with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), which regulates industry installations, to ensure a fair and proportionate application of EU and UK policies in Scotland.