What people say

30 May 2012

SEPA's Chief Executive, Terry A'Hearn:

"SEPA welcomes the news from SWA on the progress being made in achieving their strategic environmental targets.

We strongly endorse the Scotch Whisky sector's Environmental Strategy, as an exemplar, setting its own targets on a sector-wide basis so that companies of different sizes can contribute with initiatives that make sense to them.  The association and its member companies can rightly be proud of the progress made, despite a welcome increase in productivity which is good for Scotland.

We can learn a lot from the Whisky sector's approach, and SEPA is keen to promote similar initiatives with other important industrial sectors, so Scotland can demonstrate there is a way for successful businesses to thrive, and also meet challenging environmental targets, going well beyond compliance with regulatory requirements."

Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment:

"The whisky sector continues to be more resourceful, and has proved that it is contributing significantly in Scotland's shift towards a more circular economy, with the recycled content of its packaging increasing from 29 per cent in 2012 to 33 per cent in 2014.
  A flourishing natural environment is vitally important to all of us for practical, social and cultural purposes. The Scotch Whisky Association recognises this in its environment strategy, and I commend them in their endeavours set out in this report, and their commitment towards sustainability issues." (2015)

"The Scotch Whisky Industry has been quick to recognise the importance of an industry that can deliver sustainable economic growth.  It is showing true leadership to other industry sectors by being the first to align itself with the Scottish Government's climate change targets". (2012)

"I was delighted to help the Scotch Whisky industry launch its ambitious Environmental Strategy in 2009... I wish the members of The Scotch Whisky Association every success in their continuing efforts to promote the sustainability of an industry that is vital to the Scottish economy." (2010)

Lloyd Austin, Head of Conservation Policy at RSPB Scotland:

"RSPB Scotland welcomes the efforts that the Scotch Whisky Industry is taking to become more sustainable. The ambition held by Scotch Whisky producers to move "beyond compliance" is especially welcome - and a recognition that the industry, and its brand values, depends on a clean, healthy environment. As well as direct benefit to the industry from, for example, a clean, unpolluted water supply, the Scottish environment is also the backdrop to brand image. We wish all the industry well as their efforts continue and look forward to working with them to deepen this commitment, both in the industry itself and through their supply chains." (2012)

Dr Richard Dixon, Former Head of WWF Scotland:

"These results are excellent and doubly pleasing since whisky is such an iconic product of Scotland. I have been very impressed with the high levels of co-operation within the whisky industry and the long-term thinking evident among the key players." (2012)

"Scotch whisky is world renowned and we welcome plans to reduce the environmental footprint of each and every dram. We particularly welcome the fact that they have set themselves targets to reduce their impact" (2010)

John Mason, Head of Climate Change and Water Industry, Scottish Government:

"Scotch Whisky is our leading food and drink export, enjoyed by consumers around the world. And so we are delighted to see the industry take this bold lead and be the first sector to align itself with the Scottish Government's ambitious climate change targets". (2010)

Calum MacDonald, Director of Environmental and Organisational Strategy, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency:

"Few products reflect the quality of their provenance more succinctly than Scotch Whisky - its quality and reputation matches Scotland's pristine rural environment where the industry has its roots.  It is no surprise that the industry, in its Environmental Strategy, understands how to gain value from Scotland's landscape but also the need to protect that environment for future generations". (2010)

Andy Rosie, Head of Operations - North, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA):

"SEPA is delighted to acknowledge the continuing progress made by the Scotch Whisky industry in pursuing their Environmental Strategy. This is an excellent example of an industry going beyond strict compliance with Scottish regulations and setting challenging targets for itself; thereby demonstrating real leadership in reducing their environmental foot-print because they have a strong conviction that it is the right thing to do.

SEPA works cooperatively with the sector on aspects of environmental management, helping the industry focus on priorities and achieve environmental outcomes that really make a difference to the environment, and neighbouring communities close to Scottish distilleries." (2012)

Daniel Gotts, Policy and Advice Manager - Sustainable Development, Scottish Natural Heritage:

"We welcome this initiative by the Scotch Whisky industry to address the environmental impacts of its operations. It's good to see an economic sector explicitly recognising both the benefits it gets from Scotland's high-quality natural environment and the importance of looking after this key asset. The whisky industry is providing leadership and setting a great example to other sectors by working with its upstream and downstream suppliers to help them improve their environmental performance as well." (2012)