Export Collaboration Charter

Scotland's larder is world-famous. We have an international reputation as a Land of Food and Drink. From salmon and seafood to dairy and meat, Scotland's food and drink makes a key contribution to the country's economy and export performance, supporting jobs and growth. Our food and drink exports are today worth £5.1 billion (2014) and the industry has ambitious plans to grow those exports to £7.1 billion by 2017.

Working in partnership through Scotland Food & Drink - bringing together government, Scottish Development International, and industry partners - a new export plan is already being implemented. A global team of food and drink specialists is being rolled out across seven top priority markets, bringing focus, building networks and developing market knowledge.

One of the export plan's goals is learning from whisky. Scotch Whisky is Scotland's leading single product export, with nine out of every ten bottles sold overseas. Annual exports of £4bn represent around 80% of Scottish food and drink exports and the industry has been highly successful at building high quality and aspirational brands. It has taken time, craftsmanship, and investment.

Dedicated people, world-class marketing, and efficient routes to market have played their part. Export growth has also been based on long-term thinking on trade issues, a focus on opening markets, and collaboration at industry level.

Scotland Food & Drink and the Scotch Whisky Association believe there is much to be gained through increased partnership working that seeks to grow Scottish food and drink exports in the future. Building on Scotch Whisky's success, the aim is to create opportunities to collaborate to ensure that best practice and the lessons learned on how to access and grow markets are widely shared across the food and drink sector.

The two organisations, working in partnership with Scottish Development International, have agreed an Export Collaboration Charter. Scotland Food & Drink and the Scotch Whisky Association will:

  • Promote collaboration through the regular exchange of information on export markets and opportunities
  • Share experience on different markets, co-operating on advice and mentoring
  • Facilitate working sessions with export specialists to encourage best practice
  • Create a company match-making service that encourages internationalisation
  • Arrange seminars on market access and protecting intellectual property in export markets
  • Discuss trade policy mechanisms and opportunities to tackle trade barriers
  • Advertise potential export and commercial opportunities to members
  • Partner on a regular basis to support the work of the Scotland Food & Drink network
  • Co-operate, where possible, so that Scottish products are regularly showcased at whisky events in export markets
  • Work together to support a number of Scotland Food & Drink and SDI events in priority markets

Combining the best of the traditional and modern, with an international reputation for quality, there are many reasons to be proud of Scotland's food and drink sector. The Export Collaboration Charter sets out our joint commitment to work together to share knowledge and expertise so that a broader range of Scottish products are exported to a broader range of markets. Through increased partnership between the Scotch Whisky industry and the wider Scottish food and drink sector, we believe there are opportunities to grow the sector even further in international markets.

Scotch Whisky industry contact:
Alison Morton
0131 222 9227