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08 May 2012

The SWA works with the Scottish and UK Parliaments to ensure that the Scotch Whisky industry's views on issues are listened to and understood.

It seeks out opportunities to promote issues and reacts to relevant legislation or debates that can affect the industry.

The SWA's role in the Parliaments:

  • Promote Scotch Whisky interests in the Parliaments
  • Keep politicians of all parties informed of Scotch Whisky industry developments
  • Prepare and submit written and oral evidence to Committee consultations
  • Produce briefings for relevant debates
  • Provide secretariat to the Cross Party Group and All Party Group on Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky interests cover the economy, environment, employment, tourism, transport, tax and health. The industry therefore lies deep in the workings of both the Scottish and UK Parliaments.


The SWA is a regular visitor to Westminster and other government departments based in London. It attends events, meets MPs, researchers and officials and issues briefings on relevant subjects to ensure the views of the Scotch Whisky industry are understood. It also provides the secretariat for the All Party Group on Scotch Whisky.

The SWA responds to UK Government consultations such as the following: 

Scottish Parliament

The SWA performs a similar role to that above at the Scottish Parliament, also attending meetings, events and liasing with MSPs and other parliament staff. The SWA works hard to ensure that views across the industry are understood and taken into consideration. The SWA also provides the secretariat for the Cross Party Group on Scotch Whisky.

Scottish Parliament and Government consultations also receive SWA responses: 

Recently the SWA has provided briefings for Chamber debates on the environment and economic growth