SWA Departments

31 May 2012

The Scotch Whisky Association has six different departments working to advance the global interests and profile of Scotch Whisky, our members and of the industry as a whole.

Public Affairs & Communications

Scotch Whisky attracts political and media interest from around the world. This department is the voice of the Association, and often the industry, on a diverse range of issues. It is also involved in the positive promotion of Scotch Whisky.

Public Affairs & Communications have staff in both Edinburgh & London. Media should contact Rosemary Gallagher 0131 222 9230 rgallagher@swa.org.uk with enquiries.

Legal Affairs

The main function is to protect Scotch Whisky world-wide by taking legal action to restrain the sale of other spirits misleadingly labelled to suggest they are Scotch Whisky.

The department also takes action to ensure overseas whisky producers comply with the relevant definition of whisky to ensure a 'level playing field' and to prevent the reputation of the whisky category being damaged.

Global Affairs

The Global Affairs department strives to ensure Scotch Whisky can be sold without undue restriction and on equal terms with all other spirit drinks worldwide.

Global Affairs have staff in both Edinburgh & London.

Operational & Technical Affairs

The department's main function is to ensure the production of Scotch Whisky can take place in a fair and competitive business environment. It aims to ensure a level playing field for members across all operational and technical matters from cereals to bottling and Customs and Excise issues.

It also encourages best-practice sharing amongst members and wider industry. It holds best-practice events and publishes best-practice documents.

Finance & Administration

The Finance & Administration department manages the Association's finances, administration, electronic business systems, and human resources. The department also gathers, collates and disseminates Scotch Whisky statistics collected through the Association's databank and from HMRC reports.

Information Management

The department is responsible for managing and maintaining the SWA's IT and communications and for developing its knowledge management needs.