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SWAF - Edinburgh & the Lothians

Learn more about Scotch Whisky Action Fund projects around Edinburgh & the Lothians.



Awarded:   £16,070

Project:      The Sunflower Garden Project, Edinburgh

Crossreach offers diverse social care needs to children, young people, families, older people, vulnerable adults and people living with a disability.

Crossreach would like to continue to provide a therapeutic horticultural intervention, called the Sunflower Garden, to 18 young people aged (12-25) who have been referred by services, due to being at risk from either their own drug and alcohol misuse or a family member’s.

The Sunflower Garden has the overarching aim to prevent multi-generational alcohol abuse to prevent young people adopting parent’s risk taking behaviours. At the Sunflower Garden young people are offered counselling, one-to-one support, group led learning and there is also opportunity for young people to link into more intensive longer term support.

The outcomes for the young people will be increased self-esteem, increased safety, improved behaviour and attainment at school.

Health Opportunities Team


Awarded:   £23,205

Project:      Substance Use (South East), Edinburgh

Health Opportunities Trust plan to run a Substance Use project within South and East Edinburgh, which will help young people (12-25) who have been referred by a range of services, due to being at risk from either their own drug and alcohol use or a family member’s.

The project will provide counselling to those currently abusing drugs/alcohol, and support to those at risk of following parents behaviours. 15 young people will benefit from the programme with sessions including peer and group led learning, one-to-one support with more intensive support offered.

Outcomes for the young people will be increased emotional resilience and wellbeing,, increased awareness of risk, and increased safety.

Edinburgh Young Carers Project (EYCP)


Awarded:   £15,669

Project:      Activity Support Project, Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Young Carers Project have been awarded Scotch Whisky Association grant funding to provide residential activities, core skills, family events and safety sessions to young carers who look after family members that misuse alcohol.

The 5 day residential trip provides opportunities for young people to remain free of their caring responsibilities and enjoy their childhood. The outcomes for the young people are that they are better able to cope at home and are at lower risk of developing alcohol abuse issues.

This programme will complement the organisation’s other work that aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by providing specialist support to young carers who care for a family member(s) with alcohol addiction. 60 Young Carers between the ages of 5 and 20 years old and their families will benefit.

Fast Forward


Awarded:   £18,268

Project:      Wasted, Edinburgh

Fast Forward works to support young people to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing. With the help of the Scotch Whisky Action Fund Fast Forward will partner with Strange Town Theatre Company to deliver ‘peer-theatre’ performance called ‘Wasted’ to young people which will address risk taking behaviours. Fast Forward and Strange Theatre Company have previously worked together to deliver the theatre production and they will now be expanding their reach, by engaging with and performing to young school children in S2 and S3, living in the Lothians.

The 40-minute play was developed in partnership with young people, and is performed by young actors. Topics covered include anti-social behaviour, peer pressure, injury, conflict and alcohol-associated violence. Following the performance, actors then stay in character to facilitate a workshop alongside a youth worker. Pupils are asked to reflect upon the choices made within the piece, identify associated risks and discuss alternatives.

Fast Forward will reach out to 1,865 young people and the outcomes for young people will be: improved understanding of alcohol-related harm and making informed and positive choices. By equipping the young people with the tools to make better and more resilient choices, Fast Forward hope to reduce the risk of alcohol harm on the physical and mental well-being of pupils.

Stoneyburn and Bents Future Vision Group

Awarded:   £10,000

Project:      Gorilla Landscapers, Stoneyburn

Stoneyburn and Bents Future Vision Group will deliver a new project to offer employability training to vulnerable unemployed young people who live in Stoneyburn and are misusing alcohol or have difficulties due to the alcohol misuse of another family member.

The project will run three days per week, two days will involve learning practical skills in areas such as gardening, fencing, brickwork and soft landscaping. The third day will involve educational input from services such as West Lothian’s Drug and Alcohol Service, West Lothian Youth Action Team and other support services.

Stoneyburn will reach out to 50 young people and benefits will include young people being better informed with regards to the risks of alcohol misuse, have increased decision making skills, and overall be supported towards a more positive future.