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SWAF - Highlands

Learn more about Scotch Whisky Action Fund projects in the Highlands during 2020.


Awarded:   £12,260

Project:    Alcohol Safety – Aberdeenshire

Absafe exists to ensure that young people in the North East can lead a healthy life free from unintentional injury and harm.

Absafe is building an extension to create a new classroom dedicated to the delivery of alcohol safety education in a bespoke and engaging interactive environment due to the local need identified by both Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Community Planning teams. The group will produce an educational set, which will be of park environment, using a number of visual exercises to engage young people in discussions on peer pressure and the impact of alcohol on communities and families. The group will learn how to recognise and dangers of drinking alcohol, consider the myths of alcohol and practice informed decision making.

By using the Scotch Whisky Action Fund to provide an alcohol education programme in this way, the group will empower young people with the confidence and resilience they need to understand alcohol and some of the challenges they may face among peers, as well as understand the negative effect alcohol consumption can have on communities. One thousand-two hundred 11-12 year olds over will benefit over the next year.

Addictions Counselling Inverness

Awarded:   Year 2 funding; £11,189

Project:    Family Project

ACI’s Family project provides up to 12 one-hour counselling sessions for free per person, working through issues an individual might be facing whilst supporting a loved one’s recovery, providing a better understanding of what a person might be going through as they tackle their addiction. The project offers free counselling to the partner or loved one of an individual receiving support for alcohol related issues across Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey. 

Following an incredibly successful first year, which saw the charity’s target of helping 12 individuals more than surpassed, with 18 people receiving counselling, the charity is using its second year of funding to further build on this and is hoping to help in the region of 20 to 24 families.