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Alcohol Education Trust


Awarded:   £18,033

Project:      Talk About Alcohol Education Programme

The Alcohol Education Trust plan to develop their national operation by establishing a Scottish Office which will help them to impact more young people’s lives by promoting positive choice and informing upon the dangers of alcohol misuse. The Scottish Office will host a Coordinator to support the delivery of the 'Talk About Alcohol' programme. 

It is becoming increasingly essential to have a dedicated member of staff based in Scotland to liaise with local authorities, public health and with professionals who lead on alcohol education in schools, but also have it tailored to Scottish laws and education. At the moment the Alcohol Education Trust have access to the English literature which teachers in Scotland have to adapt. The new part time coordinator post will deliver training to teachers.

The initial 2 year remit of the satellite office is to make the 'Talk About Alcohol' available to the 364 secondary schools (290,000 children) and 14 additional needs schools (7000) in Scotland. The aim is to ensure that Scottish children have access to the same level of evidenced, enjoyable and interactive alcohol education as children in England.

The outcomes for young people will be; increased awareness of risks associated with alcohol and drug misuse; increased emotional resilience and knowledge of life skills and tool to enhance wellbeing; and improved behaviour in classroom. In addition, teachers will have a better understanding of alcohol units, guidelines, the law, alcohol and its effects, and effective and engaging teaching methods that are proven to improve health outcomes and deliver behavioural change.