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Distillers making hand sanitiser or providing ethanol

This page contains details of companies who are manufacturing hand sanitiser or ethanol.

Distillers are keen to provide supplies of hand sanitiser or bulk ethanol to organisations where needed and where possible: this page lists companies offering to supply hand sanitiser or ethanol. Some companies are already committed to producing hand sanitiser or are supplying ethanol to users, and may therefore not appear on this page.

This information is to connect supply with those organisations in need.

If you would like to be listed here, please complete our online portal.

Please note that supplies of ethanol are subject to HMRC control.

Company Distillery/Site Location Product Which Can Be Supplied Contact Information
Viruscide ltd Preston Hand sanitiser (finished product)
Packaging materials (e.g. bottles, pump-action closures)
Chemicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, glycerol)
Packaging of bulk hand sanitiser for end use


Whyte and Mackay Ltd Invergordon Ethanol 94%-95.9% ABV


William Grant & Sons Distillers Limited Bellshill Ethanol 94%-95.9% ABV
Hand sanitiser (finished product)


Witton Chemical Co Ltd Bury St Edmunds Hand-Sanitiser (bulk - unpackaged)


Wonderland Foundation Dumbarton Hand sanitiser finished product and packaging

These pages are populated on an ongoing basis, and we will endeavour to keep them as up-to-date as possible. If you require assistance or have any questions regarding the details above, please contact

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It is the responsibility of those producing hand sanitiser products to ensure it is safe and effective to use and that all other regulatory requirements have been met before supplying it for public use. World Health Organisation formulation 1 for hand rub requires the final product to have a final ethanol concentration of 80%; other specifications may have different final concentration levels.

The Scotch Whisky Association ("SWA") is publishing this information in response to the present Covid-19 crisis, in order to facilitate and speed up contact between different parts of the supply chain. However, the SWA will not be a party to any agreement arising from these contacts and accepts no liability for anything done or not done pursuant to any such agreement. The commercial terms of any arrangement must be agreed independently between the relevant parties, who should be mindful of applicable competition law rules.