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Mentoring Gateway

The SWA Mentoring Gateway helps to provide guidance on restarting a business after covid for tourism and hospitality companies in Scotland, from a bank of Scotch Whisky company mentors.

Welcome to the SWA Community Mentor Gateway

These are challenging times and many businesses are struggling with the impact of COVID-19; affecting their staff, their customers and the communities they service.

As many businesses prepare to re-open under the Scottish Government’s phased re-start plan, we want to share the Scotch Whisky industry’s experience and expertise to help safely get the economy back up and running.

After all, this is the way the Scotch Whisky industry has operated for centuries – a little bit of #CommunitySpirit goes a long way.

How it works

The Gateway will connect you with someone from the Scotch Whisky industry, as close to your local community as possible, to give advice and support on your re-start plans.

Our industry mentor will be paired with you to give advice and guidance; from developing risk assessments to sourcing protective equipment, safely managing spaces to ensure social distancing to just being a friendly sounding board.

We may not have all the answers but the industry’s experience at home, and in our overseas markets, means that we have knowledge of operational re-starts to share, and we want to help our local communities through this challenging time.

Get in touch

Use the form below to get matched with a mentor. If one is not available in your local Community, please click the Expand the search button to widen your search.

Disclaimer: The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has set up this gateway in response to the present Covid-19 crisis, with the limited purpose of its members sharing practical experience of operating under Covid-19 related restrictions in order to aid protection of staff and others connected to proposed mentees The SWA accepts no liability for anything done or not done pursuant to these contacts. Further, in their contacts, the relevant parties should each be mindful of applicable competition law rules.