Scotch Whisky

Facts & Figures

09 Feb 2018

  • Exports earned £149 every second in 2018 - £4.7bn in total.
  • 41 bottles were shipped overseas each second - 1.28bn 70cl bottles in total.
  • Laid end to end they would stretch about 370,000kms - that's over 90% of the distance to the moon!
  • More than 10,000 are directly employed in the Scotch Whisky industry.
  • Over 40,000 jobs across the UK are supported by the industry, 7,000 of them in rural areas providing vital employment and investment.
  • Some 20 million casks lie maturing in warehouses in Scotland.
  • To be Scotch Whisky, the spirit must mature in oak casks in Scotland for at least 3 years.
  • There are 128 operating Scotch Whisky distilleries across Scotland. 

Did you know?

  • Scotch Whisky accounts for around 20% of all UK food and drink exports.
  • Scotch Whisky is sold in 175 markets worldwide.
  • Scotch Whisky sells three times its nearest rival whisky.
  • Drinkers in the UK often choose to enjoy it with just a little water, but in Spain they mix it with cola. In Japan Scotch is enjoyed with lots of water and ice, and in China with cold green tea.

 The above figures relate to Jan-Dec 2018.