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22 March 2022

SWA welcomes suspension of UK tariffs on US whiskey

Mark Kent
The UK has announced the suspension of tariffs on US whiskey

Commenting on the suspension of UK tariffs on US whiskies, SWA Chief Executive Mark Kent said:

“The return of tariff-free trade for whiskies following several years of significant economic pain is a welcome relief to industries on both sides of the Atlantic. The suspension of US tariffs on Single Malt Scotch Whisky announced in June last year has been matched by the suspension of UK tariffs on Bourbon and American whiskey – a boost to the Scotch Whisky industry given the longstanding links between our industries, not least the trade in casks.

“Lessons must be learned, and we hope that governments will not use whiskies as collateral to resolve trade disputes in the future. The five-year suspension of tariffs on Scotch Whisky is now almost at the end of its first year and it is vital that all parties work constructively and turn their attention to secure a permanent resolution.”