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Meet the SWA Teams


The SWA has a team of 40 staff specialising in five different sectors - Industry, International, Legal, Strategy & Communication and Corporate Services - all working to drive the best possible business environment for Scotch Whisky producers in order to ensure Scotch Whisky retains its place as the world's leading high-quality spirit.

Industry Sustainability

Our Industry Sustainability team focuses on achieving a regulatory framework at home which keeps our industry sustainable and competitive.

Our work spans from the development of cereal varieties to the customs and excise controls required to export bottles around the world. This covers a wide range of areas, such as securing a fairer and more efficient system of taxation and the delivery of our ambitious Sustainability Strategy.

The team also works on ensuring the sector is an attractive place to work, by considering skills, diversity and inclusivity, and continuous improvement of occupational health & safety standards.


Our international team supports the global growth of Scotch as a quality product consumed in 180 markets around the world. The team helps prevent and improve market access issues faced by our member companies in exporting Scotch Whisky. This can include issues such as customs requirements, definitions of whisky, taxation of Scotch in relation to other spirits or labelling requirements. It also works on alcohol policy and promoting responsible drinking in our global markets.

The international team also includes an EU and Brexit team who are responsible for coordinating the industry’s response to, and navigation of, the UK’s exit from the EU.



Our legal team is primarily responsible for the worldwide protection of Scotch Whisky.

At any one time, the team will be handling between 60 to 70 cases in courts around the world, many more investigations and a substantial trademark caseload.


Strategy & Communications

Our Strategy & Communications team leads on political engagement, particularly with the Scottish and UK governments, and our external communications.

The team is also home to our economic analysis work, and to our membership services and internal communications.


Corporate Services

The Corporate Services team are responsible for the organisation's finance, HR, information management and administrative operations, as well as leading on the SWA's digital transformation project. 

Their team of administrative experts provide invaluable support to all SWA colleagues.