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08 September 2023

Scottish Government to Support ‘Made to be Measured’ Campaign

Scottish Government to Support ‘Made to be Measured’ Campaign
Partnership working across key areas discussed in meeting between First Minister and industry leaders.

The Scottish Government has pledged to help to support the Scotch Whisky Association’s (SWA) ‘Made to be Measured’ responsible consumption campaign ahead of the festive period, as the First Minister met the SWA’s governing Council to discuss how the industry and government can work in partnership.

The Made to be Measured campaign was launched in March to raise awareness of the alcohol content of drinks and the Chief Medical Officers’ low-risk drinking guidelines. The most recent evaluation of the Scottish Government’s ‘Count 14’ campaign showed that awareness that the recommended weekly limit was 14 units of alcohol grew from 17% to 27% - leaving three quarters of the Scottish public unaware of the guidelines.

Now the Scottish Government and the Scotch Whisky industry have agreed to work together to promote the ‘Made to be Measured’ campaign as part of the government’s wider efforts to reduce alcohol misuse in Scotland. In addition, other shared priorities, including promoting Scotland and Scotch Whisky in international markets, encouraging tourism and reaching Net-Zero, were discussed in a valuable meeting with the Scotch Whisky Association’s Council.  Scottish Ministers will continue to meet regularly with the industry to discuss and explore.

Since launch, the ‘Made to be Measured’ campaign has already reached 800,000 adults across Scotland and it is hoped that the support of the Scottish Government’s communications channels will help to further drive-up awareness of the low-risk guidelines and how consumers can make responsible choices if they choose to drink alcohol.

First Minister Humza Yousaf said: “The whisky industry’s willingness to raise awareness of alcohol misuse and the health risks associated with high consumption of alcohol, through the Scotch Whisky Association’s ‘Made to Be Measured’ campaign, is very welcome.

“This is just one of the key areas of partnership that the Scottish Government and whisky industry can work together on – and I look forward to furthering our productive partnership on shared priorities such as the transition to net-zero, global trade and investment, and economic growth."

SWA Council Chair Dan Mobley said: “The SWA Council was delighted to meet the First Minister and to discuss the issues of mutual importance to Scotland and Scotch whisky. The industry values its relationship with the Scottish Government as a key partner in our ambition for the sustainable growth of manufacturing, exports and tourism, with all the high value jobs and community benefit that comes from that. We look forward to working with the First Minister on these shared goals.”

SWA Chief Executive Mark Kent said: “Since coming to office, the First Minister has engaged with the industry, listened to concerns over DRS and the alcohol marketing consultation, and has recognised the benefits of working in partnership on shared priorities.

“Tackling alcohol misuse and promoting responsible consumption is one example of where we can work together. The pledge to help support the SWA’s Made to be Measured campaign is the Scottish Government’s reset with business in action, and we look forward to developing this partnership in other key areas including exports, tourism and sustainability.”

Notes to editors

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A photo of the First Minister’s meeting with the SWA Council is available here:  (Credit: Mike Wilkinson)

The latest evaluation report of the Scottish Government’s Count 14 campaign can be read here.

The Made to be Measured campaign landing page can be found here.

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is the trade body for the Scotch Whisky industry, representing 92 member companies involved in the production and distribution of Scotch Whisky, accounting for over 95% of the sector. Membership of the SWA is diverse, from listed multinational spirits producers through to small family-run distillers, bottlers, blenders, and brokers.

The Scotch Whisky industry employs more than 11,000 people directly in Scotland, with 7,000 of those jobs in rural areas. It supports 42,000 jobs across the UK, including throughout its supply chain.

The SWA is committed to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle, and to support initiatives that address harmful consumption. More information can be found here.