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24 November 2021

SWA welcome further funding to help whisky go green

SWA welcome further funding to help whisky go green
Scotch Whisky distilleries have received funding in the second phase of the UK government's Green Distilleries Competition.

Commenting on the second phase of the Green Distilleries Competition, which includes funding for Scotch Whisky distillers, Scotch Whisky Association Chief Executive Karen Betts said:


“This funding is a welcome boost for the industry at a time when Scotch Whisky companies are already working hard to reduce their emissions. As a result, nearly 40% of the industry’s energy is now coming from renewable sources. But we know we need to go further and faster, and that’s where the Green Distilleries Competition is so critical since it supports companies in testing new technologies.  


“The results of the work undertaken through the Competition are then shared across the sector, which helps everyone to map further our path to Net Zero.  This is exactly the sort of industry-government partnership that will help us to secure a sustainable future for Scotch Whisky and for the communities across Scotland within which we work.”




Find out more about the Green Distilleries Competition here.